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Leyah - aka Magdalena Diana Marica - an artist on the rise, is a composer, singer and pianist, who proposes a socially involved music that turns to people and reflects on them.

Having a classical music background, Leyah started playing the piano since she was 5 years old.

Her father, Modest Cichirdan, a respected and well known conductor, has had a huge impact on Leyah’s musical path and her attitude towards music. “My dad once told me ‘There is no bigger freedom for mankind than music’."

After graduating from UNMB - the piano solo section, Leyah decided to follow her childhood dream, that of singing with her voice and composing her own music. Thus, she made a crossover from classical music to pop music.


After the release of the Facelift album, produced in the UK, in 2018, Leyah becomes an unique presence in the pop-music landscape, to reinvent herself three years later in the cinematic musical creation, through the soundtrack of the short film "Anonymously".


Then, as a precursor to her new musical style - cinematic pop - which will form the basis of her 2nd album, she releases "I don't deserve this" and "I'll be fine".


Remember who you are, the artist's second solo album, which will be released in 2023, places her in a new musical style for Romania, the Cinematic Pop style. It is characterised by the fusion of two musical worlds at opposite but charming poles, which marked her existence: classical music and pop music. Sounding like a film soundtrack with a voice, the product proposes to bring back the elements of classical music to the wide public, "but with a twist", integrated into pop music. More pop or more classic? It remains to be heard.


As a preview of the most unexpected album of the year, the two tracks, "Time" - a powerful introspective ballad with a video shot in NY & Chicago - and "Peace is the only thing we need", composed under the influence of Russian - Ukrainian war stories and launched exactly one year after the start of the armed events, bring to the public music and storytelling in an elegant, deep, impactful air.

"My dad once told me: 'There is no bigger freedom for mankind than music' "


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